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    If you are active, open, self-disciplined, and like the auto parts industry, we sincerely hope you can join the Keboda family and work with us to “Creating Value, Sharing Progress”.



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    New Position

    • Job:QA engineer



      1. Making product quality control plan according to the new product development planning

      2. Digesting the customers’ input (e.g., standard, drawings, samples, etc.) , and making document of  the product performance test validation plan

      3. Making test equipment demand plan according to the product performance test validation plan,reporting to the examination and approval after the implementation of their implementation

      4. Making quality control plan of parts and materials according to the new product drawings, technical standards and quality control planning, and carry out the implementation

      5. Being responsible to review work of tooling sample, small batch sample inspection

      6. Being responsible for trial production validation work, organizing analysis and improvement within the new problems occurred in the process of trial production

      7. Being responsible for the improvement and analysis of customer quality complaints, and tracking verification work

      8. Being responsible to product quality test and analysis for foreign back product, and forming a formal report, implementing improvements to the key problems

      9. Putting forward a variety of quality to customers special requirements to carry out the processing, to ensure customer satisfaction

      10. Doing In-depth analysis of bulk product quality control, and putting forward the improvement measures and the implementation of technical communication;

      11. Finishing the work assigned by the superiors

      Job Requirements:

      1. Mechanical, electrical or related professional bachelor degree or above, CET – 4

      2. More than 2 years mechanical and electrical auto parts enterprises quality management experience

      3. Being familiar with basic knowledge of machinery

      4. Being familiar with auto industry new product development and quality control process

      5. Being familiar with quality improvement processes and methods, refund and product analysis processing method

      6. Having certain coordination and communication skills, strong sense of responsibility, having the certain principle

    • Job:R&D engineer



      1. Undertaking new product/project specific development tasks, designing and developing according to customer's requirements in accordance with the prescribed procedures, completing design task

      2. Understanding and dealing with the technical problems of production area

      3. Constantly improving and perfecting the old product design

      4. Mastering the development tools, companies need constantly adapt to the development requirements of customers

      5. Participating in product quality problem analysis, processing, or improvements

      6. Adherencing to company security regulations, uploading and maintaining good technical documents and drawings

      7. Organizing product design input and output review

      8. Earnestly implement the company all the technical specifications

      9. Finishing the work assigned by the superiors

      Job Requirements:

      1. Mechanical engineering, bachelor degree or above in electrical engineering or related field

      2. Being familiar with product development/process design

      3. Being familiar with TS16949 quality system standard

      4. Being familiar with CAD\CATTA\ERP\PDM software

      5. Being able to skillfully use project management tools

      6. Have certain ability of writing

      7. Being familiar with APQP、PPAP,FMEA、MSA、SPC

      8. Above 3-year automobile industry related working experience

      9. Having strong organization, communication, understanding and analysis judgment ability

    • Job:Senior testing engineer



      1. Being responsible for daily maintenance and management of testing software system; Including software version management and update, password management software, testing software backup, etc

      2. Receipt and validation for the new production line and new equipment .Cooperate or leading climbing capacity

      3. Doing feasibility evaluation to new test equipment; Including promoting the efficiency of test, the improvement of quality, and the test RTY improvement

      4. Feasibility evaluation to the new test equipment

      5. Making the work standards of testing technical documents and working instruction

      6. Finishing temporary work

      Job Requirements:

      1. Bachelor Degree or above; Electronics or automation majors

      2. Electronic technology knowledge, be familiar with Labview

      3. Having above 3 - year testing project experience


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    KEBODA Welcome You!

    As an aspiring company, with the development of company, KEBODA has formed the distinctive company culture, we uphold the company principle of "Create value, Share progress", and promote the harmony and cooperation in the whole group, and advocate the talent value with “Initiative, Open, Self-discipline”. We encourage all the employees to innovate and to realize the life value via continuous challenge and improvement, and finally come true the happy life.

    Look forward to the talent to join us with the wisdom, passion and ideality, let we get together to face the opportunity and challenge.

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    New Position

    • Job:Management trainee,Product development trainers



      Outstanding graduates major in machinery,electromechanical and electronic,bachelor degree or above