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    We have two auto electronics manufacturing plants, one is in Shanghai and the other one is in Jiaxing, Zhejiang.

    The Shanghai plant is 5000 square meters, and has two advanced high speed SMT lines, two selective wave soldering lines, two wave-soldering lines, and over 20 automatic and semi- automatic assembly lines. The annual capacity of Shanghai plant is around 13 million units.

    The Jiaxing plant is 15000 square meters. It is planned for an annual capacity of 80 million units with 50 lines and a total investment of 800 Million RMB. As of today, it has completed the first investment of 200 million RMB with 5 PCBA production lines and 12 assembly lines, reached an annual capacity of 30 million pieces PCBA and 20 million assemblies.

    The electronic plants have introduced world-class high-end automation and standardized production lines. The main equipment is from world-class equipment suppliers such as Germany, Japan, and Korea, which ensured the high quality, stability and consistency.

    The electronic plants have complete product engineering design and equipment development capabilities, and its self-designed and self-developed automatic production lines of electronic assemblies have passed the audits from European and American high-end customers. At the same time, we have a complete supply chain logistics system, a sound quality operation system, and a modern automated warehouse to ensure the automated warehouse storage and management of electronic components.

    With the advanced information management systems like ERP, MES and WMS, we are continuously improving our operation efficiencies to ensure on time delivery and product traceability.