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    There are four automatic production lines for cigarette lighters and power socket products. Supported by over 40 dedicated inspections and testing equipment, 30 automatic spot-welding machines, professional tooling center and stamping workshop, our annual capacity for cigarette lighter and power socket projects is about 15 million pieces.

    The actuator production workshop is approximately 2500 square meters, we plan to set up 3 semi-automatic production lines and four fully-automatic production lines here. The annual capacity is over 2,500,000 pcs.

    The sensor and washing system product workshop is 18,000 square meters, and has four semi—automatic sensor assembly lines with annual capacity of 5 million pieces; six automobile windscreen washer production lines with annual capacity of 1 million pieces; one automatic motor rotor production line and one automatic AGS production line with annual capacity of 1 million pieces; one semi-automatic fuel pump assembly line with annual capacity of 500,000 pcs; and two semi-automatic water pump production lines with annual capacity of 1 million pieces.

    Electric Appliance products have established perfect management systems and processes in procurement, quality, process control, supplier management, warehousing and logistics, etc., equipped with modern management systems, the manufacturing capacity has been greatly improved. The production parts are exported for European and North American automotive markets.