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    Keboda's engine component products include electric pump, preheater, clamps, etc.

    Our precision machining workshop for pump products is 3,200 square meters, it has 36 difference precision CNC lathes, 26 different machining centers and 7 four-axis vertical machining centers. The dust-free assembly workshop is 2,000 square meters, and there are over 20 automatic and semi-automatic assembly lines, which cover several products including electric pump, oil pump, etc., and the annual capacity is 1.2 million. The advanced production process ensures the high quality of the pump products. The pump production line has an advanced technological level, which ensures products’ high quality.

    There are over 40 pieces of testing and inspection equipment, over 30 automatic spot-welding machines and dedicated assembly equipment in the pre-heater and clamp workshop. The professional tooling center and stamping workshop has added to our competitiveness in the industry. The annual capacity for preheaters is 500,000 pcs, for clamps is 1,500,000 pcs, and for other stampings is 4,000,000 pcs.